Repurpose Your Chico Honey Jars!

Repurpose Your Chico Honey Jars!

Earth Day is a time when people reflect on the way they have impacted the Earth and find ways on how they can improve and reduce their carbon footprint. 

We've been thinking about all the times we've reached for plastic at home and how we can use our Chico Honey Jars to fill that need.

Here are some creative ways you can re-use all your jars at home and on the go time and time again: 


  • Flower Vase- Our beautiful 25 oz jar is great for a unique twist on a flower vase.
  • Storage Container- Organizing your pantry? Our 30 oz jars work great to store your oatmeal, pasta, snacks and much more! You'll be able to see what's inside and it will give you a clean and organized feel.
  • To-go Container- Our 12 oz jars are great to store fruits and veggies that can be easily accessible while you are on the road or great for a picnic in the park!
  • Reusable Drink Glass- Our 30 oz jars are perfect for your daily smoothie or reusable water container at home or work.
  • Overnight Oats- Make breakfast the night before. Get creative with a mix of rolled oats, fruit, nuts and veggies, dairy or non-dairy milk and top with your favorite Chico Honey Co. honey, (California Wildflower, Montana Sweet Clover or Hawaiian Wildflower)

What are some ways you have reused your Chico Honey Jars? Tag us on Instagram and Facebook to show us your ways! Happy Earth Day Everyone! 


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