The Original Sweetner

The Original Sweetner

With a history dating back to 7000 BC Spain, it’s a pretty strong assertion that honey is the original sweetener. Cave drawings from that time depict beekeepers caring for their bees and the “magical” honey gathered. It is our belief that beekeepers are one of the original protectors of our planet, and therefore its future.

Breeding strong queen bees aids in repopulating weak hives with healthy bees, helps pollinate crops and gather pollen to produce honey. There are many honey imposters out there that claim they are pure and raw. Knowing where your honey really comes from is important, so read your labels to assure authenticity.

At Chico Honey Co. & Olivarez Honey Bees we guarantee our customers every jar is pure, raw honey, made in America, by happy healthy bees! Every jar is straight from our hive to your home!

Beyond that, we believe honey is more than just a way to the sweet life—its an opportunity to support healthy bees which makes for a healthy planet!

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