Raw Hand Cut Honeycomb

Our Montana Sweet Clover Honey is grown in Broadus and Big Timber, Montana.

Our honeycomb goes straight from beehive to box – pure, raw and completely natural. Each hand-cut square is filled with our Montana Sweet Clover honey, a single-source varietal made when our hives are surrounded by acres of yellow sweet clover in bloom. We harvest just a small percentage of the comb, once a year, and only in years when the bees are making an exceptional amount of honey, so this is a truly rare treat.

Inside the soft, edible wax comb, the honey has a delicate, lightly floral flavor, with delicious notes of shortbread and a pronounced, luscious sweetness.

Try it as an oatmeal topper, with blue cheese on a warm baguette or just plain, one sweet, chewy slice at a time.