Hawaiian Wildflower Honey

Our Hawaiian Wildflower Honey is grown in Captain Cook, Hawaii.

Hawaii's Big Island offers four distinct climate zones, from lush Wet Tropical on its northeastern coast to Polar Tundra conditions at its volcanic peaks. That translates into an astounding variety of plant life in a relatively compact space (nearly 2,000 types of flowering plants alone). And that means very busy, very happy bees. Our bees gather pollen and nectar from hibiscus and ginger, passionfruit and guava, fragrant orchids and plumeria, native Ohia trees and even coffee plants, just to name a few.

This unique biodiversity creates a robust honey that's complex in flavor, with light tropical nectar supported by rich caramel and butterscotch, hints of coffee and smoke and a mellow, toasty warmth.

We love this honey as a sweetener for coffee, drizzled over pineapple chunks or swirled into rice pudding. Its rich, robust flavor also makes it a good choice for savory dishes like ricotta-topped bruschetta or roasted pork.