OHB RESERVE Infused Line 5 oz.


A Northern California match made in honey, our sweet clover honey from Montana soaked in the beautiful organic spices of local Chico Chai. This artisan tea spice is a perfect balance of spicy and sweet and has developed this honey into a rich, golden drizzle. Chico Honey co. is inspired to collaborate with the riches of this region’s artisans. This handcrafted combination is an excellent drizzle in teas and cocktails or on warm pastries and rich vanilla ice cream.


Oranges blossoms pollinated by our bees and this rare Fukumoto orange is hand-picked from our University citrus grove in Northern California. This fragrant Chico Honey Co. Montana sweet clover honey infusion lends vibrant citrus and warm spice flavor to everything from salad dressings, espresso drinks and warm-sweet dipping sauces. 


Spice it up, honey! This chef inspired, limited release reserve uses dried ghost peppers, enveloped in cheese cloth and soaked in the sweetness of our Montana Sweet Clover Honey. The warmth of the ghost pepper transcends to a spicy and sweet finish. Try it on warm buttered biscuits, your favorite pizza or BBQ ribs.


Northern California fragrant lavender meets Montana fields of Sweet Clover… A delicate French lavender provides a subtle, herb and floral flavor, not overpowering. Handcrafted in small batches, keeping the Montana Sweet Clover Honey raw while fusing aromaticsChico Honey Co.’s artisanal infused honey is a great pairing with a hot cup of tea or pour over a warm biscuit or scone! 


Our single varietal sweet clover honey infused with meyer lemon zest for a perfect handcrafted fusion. Chico Honey Co.’s summer harvest is matched with handpicked Meyer lemons picked fresh from our local gardens. The sweetness of the honey is complemented by the effervescence of the lemon creating a drizzle used for salad dressings, pastries and beautifully crafted cocktails.


Local Meyer lemon peel and fresh mint mingle with our single varietal sweet clover honey for a refreshing brightness. Chico Honey Co.’s summer harvest creates a warm bath for a sachet of handpicked Meyer lemons and fresh mint from our hometown gardens. This handcrafted combination is an excellent drizzle in teas and cocktails or on warm pastries and vanilla or chocolate ice cream.